I am a color specialist and have been doing hair color for 38 years! I got my training from Toni and Guy in Dallas and specialized training in Hawaii! I graduated in Iowa and realized that Chemistry, and Colors, was my specialty! I got to work with Jose Eber, AND he got out bidded when the B'52s, if you are old enough to remember them, and Rod Stewart asked for me and my friends at Ambience Hair Salon in Dallas, to do their hair! It was the highlight of my life, and Dallas was the best place for a hair-colorist in her young years, to learn about color! Do you know how hard a bee hive is to do? Lol... When I went back to Hawaii I knew what my future was, making women beautiful by way of color and love ;) in a more laid back atmosphere. I moved here to Colorado Springs 11 years ago, to be closer to my Son and Grandson, and I got lucky as my wonderful parents are here for the summers!
I am home, and I am so so very lucky to work at Mateos, as this is my family and couldn't be more happier! So please come and see me and let me Color Your World!